*Work to increase homeownership for first time home-buyers.

* Fight to remove barriers that prevent returning citizens access to respectable housing options.


*End "high stakes" testing driven academic environments.

*Address underperforming reading levels in public schools.

* Advocate for quality early childhood education in a safe and intellectually challenging environment.

Criminal Justice

*Fight to block the criminalization of disadvantaged young people of color

* Work to expand access for professional certifications to returning citizens.

* Work to INCREASE access to mentoring, trades, and GED programs as alternatives to REDUCE crime.


*Work to reduce hunger for households in and near local food deserts.

* Fight to expand medicaid to more than 800 thousand uninsured Floridians.

* Tell Tallahassee that "WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE"

Senior Citizens

*Stand for seniors so that they don't have to decide between medical care and prescription medications because of expensive health related costs.

* Provide training for seniors to adapt to the use of technology.

*Partner seniors with providers of "better care" options and legal planning services for assests.


*Work to ensure Veterans have access to resources and support needed from Veteran Affairs.

*Push for increased funding and support for Veteran-Owned small businesses.